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GPs happier abroad

Posted on 2 Feb at 2 PM Tags: Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property,

Ninety per cent of doctors who emigrate to New Zealand do not have plans to return back to the UK, reveals a new study.

Better jobs and more leisure time satisfaction in New Zealand are two of the reasons given by British doctors who plan to stay in their new home. The study was carried out by Oxford University, and spoke 282 UK-trained doctors.

Job satisfaction in New Zealand scored 8.1 out of 10, while in the UK it was just 7.1. The difference was even greater for leisure time, where the UK scored just 5.7, while in New Zealand the result for 7.8. The research also showed that only 30 per cent of doctors who had emigrated had initially planned to stay, but once arriving this number shot up to 89 per cent.

The reasons given for this change of hear included having a better lifestyle, better weather, outdoor sports and activities, New Zealand being more relaxed and it’s suitability for children. Other doctors revealed they left the UK as they were disillusioned with the NHS or as they were unemployed.

Some doctors commented on the importance of making re-entry more easy, as well as the acceptance of Australasian qualifications by the UK.
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