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Search is on for Norwegian adventurer

Posted on 26 Jan at 12 PM Tags: Property,

A search is now underway for the Norwegian adventurer apparently making his way to the Antarctic as part of an unauthorised attempt to get to the South Pole.

As reported by Radio New Zealand News, Mr Jarle Andhoy, aged 34, made his first attempt to get to Antarctica in February last year with another Norwegian, a Mr Samuel Massey, aged 18. They were attempting to get to the South Pole on quad bikes, emulating the famous Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen.

It has been alleged that Mr Andhoy embarked upon his quest without possessing the right permits and he apparently doesn't have the correct permits for his second attempt either. The 2011 journey had to be aborted when Mr Adhoy's yacht, named Berserk, ended up sinking in McMurdo Sound and resulted in the deaths of three crew members, which sparked a huge search and rescue mission. After an extensive search, just a lifeboat was discovered.

It is believed that Mr Andhoy first set sail on Nilaya from Auckland at the start of the week and that he might make another attempt to get to the South Pole. Norway's Ministry of Foreign
Affairs said that it notified concerns about Mr Andhoy's plot to its counterpart in New Zealand in
January and top-level contacts have been made between the two organisations since then.

In New Zealand's capital, Wellington, the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed that Mr Andhoy arrived on their shores this month but failed to declare that he was previously deported from Canada.
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