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New Zealand man deported from UK ahead of blessing ceremony

Posted on 5 Jun at 8 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Law, Property,

A New Zealand man has been deported from the UK after flying in for a blessing ceremony with his wife to be. Gareth Macrae and fiancée Lliwen Roberts had been planning to celebrate their nuptials in July in Wales. However, following the deportation the wedding may now have to be held in New Zealand.

Mr Macrae explained that he had applied for a marriage settlement visa, but had had the application denied because the couple could not provide proof of a bank account holding the required minimum of £62,000. The groom to be said he was astonished by the requirement adding that he didn’t know anybody with that sort of cash in an account.

An application for a special visitor marriage visa was also declined because immigration officials thought Mr Macrae would stay for longer than the six months permitted.

The couple then decided they would opt for a blessing instead of a wedding. However, Mr Macrae could not satisfy Immigration that he was not in the UK for an official wedding, and was therefore deported.

The couple has said they will be consulting an immigration lawyer and that hopefully the blessing ceremony will take place in Wales in July.

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