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Immigration NZ accuses Chinese couple of child trafficking

Posted on 10 Sep at 6 AM Tags: Immigration, Law, Property, Living In New Zealand,

A tribunal in New Zealand has ruled that a Chinese couple attempting to bring a baby into the country on forged papers in order to gain residency is child trafficking. Immigration New Zealand denied entry to the husband in 2012 after it was discovered the baby’s birth certificate and other documents had been forged. The unnamed man had previously been living in New Zealand since 2008.

The husband and wife have been trying to gain residency in New Zealand for four years, but their applications have been held up because of doubts over the validity of their relationship.

The tribunal said that as soon as the couple had decided to bring the Chinese born baby into the country claiming he was their son with false documentation they had become guilty of child trafficking.

The New Zealand Herald reports that the wife explained to Immigration New Zealand how much she wanted a baby and that the child would have been given up to an orphanage in China as he was unwanted. She added that having a child might prove to the immigration authorities that the marriage to her husband was not a sham.

The tribunal has ruled that by falsifying documents it is clear that the couple do not respect New Zealand’s immigration laws.

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