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2011 to 2012 worst year for Kiwi migration to Oz

Posted on 21 Sep at 6 PM Tags: Working in New Zealand, Property,

New Zealand government figures released today show more New Zealanders than ever before leaving for Australia between August 2011 and August this year.

Statistics New Zealand’s report showed 53,900 Kiwis decided to try their luck in Australia over the 12-month period, with only 13,900 moving from Oz to New Zealand. The differential resulted in a net loss to New Zealand of 40,000, the highest total on record.

In 2012, 3,400 more people migrated to Australia in August than in the past seven months. According to Statistics NZ, the increase in August was sparked by upcoming new Australian rules on the eligibility of NZ citizens for certain Australian welfare benefits.

According to ASB economist Daniel Smith, the average net loss to NZ over the last seven months was 200 people, most of whom were aged between 15 and 34. He added a general trend of small, steady outflows had been evident over the past year, although the trend appeared to ease in May and June.

There was better news as regards visitors to New Zealand, with the August total up by one per cent over last year, coming in at 178,300. The record net loss due to migration was offset by new gains of immigrants from the UK (5,400), India (5,100) and China (5,200), with Chinese tourism figures also on the up.

According to ANZ economist Mark Smith, tourism is likely to remain flat due to the high NZ dollar and the economic crisis. As regards migration, he said, inflows may increase if the eurocrisis worsens, but the present outflow to Australia may take skilled workers needed by NZ.
The NZD exchange rates on 21/09/2012 were as follows: GBP NZD = 1.9566, EUR NZD = 1.5649, USD NZD = 1.2057, AUD NZD = 1.2609, CHF NZD = 1.2917, INR NZD = 0.0225, AED NZD = 0.3285, MXN NZD = 0.0938, CAD NZD = 1.2348, ZAR NZD = 0.1457, RUB NZD = 0.0388, . See today's New Zealand Dollar Exchange Rate
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