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Calls for common borders between Aus and NZ

Posted on 25 Apr at 9 AM Tags: Immigration, Property, New Zealand Travel,

Timed to coincide with yesterday’s Anzac Day celebrations, top tourism chiefs in both Australia and New Zealand have called for passport-free travel between the two countries. The proposed common border, which would only require travellers to show a photo ID much like they would for domestic flights, is being dubbed the “Anzac express”.

The proposal, put forward by the Tourism and Transport Forum, comes at a time when foreign spending in Australia is at a four-year low as the Aussie dollar continues to make pockets shallow. The forum is calling for the countries two prime ministers, John Key and Julia Gillard, to discuss the creation of common borders.

John Lee, the boss of TTF, wrote a letter to the two heads of state asking them to call a prime ministerial summit on the issue. He said the result would be extremely valuable for both Australia and New Zealand.

Although Australia’s former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd agreed on the scheme in principle in 2009, very little progress has since been made, according to Mr Lee. Airlines in both countries are also supporting the move as they say that the immigration process would be streamlined, leading to lower operating costs and therefore cheaper fares for passengers.
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