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NZ immigration advisor demanded sex from clients

Posted on 8 Apr at 5 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Currency Exchange, Immigration, Property,

A court in New Zealand has heard that a former immigration consultant would attempt lure female clients into providing sexual services in exchange for visas. Hakaoro Hakaoro was sent to prison last year for failing to produce a license to practice. The prison term handed to him was 20 months.

However, it has come to light that the 55-year-old is also guilty of a number of new complaints. The Immigration Advisors Disciplinary Tribunal charged Hakaoro Hakaoro with six further complaints including asking women back to his house for sex as well as engaging in household duties, according to a report in the NZ Herald.

It is also alleged that the accused took a substantial amount of money from two siblings in need of help with immigration procedures. Although the authorities told Hakaoro that the application for visas had been denied he told the siblings that the application was still under review.

The Tribunal is currently looking at other submissions before it decides on a sentence. Hakaoro previously requested that the complaints be dismissed as he cannot defend himself properly while in prison.

Other allegations include suggesting to a client that he get her pregnant to aid her visa application and asking another to give his wife a massage.

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