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NZ immigration medicals go online

Posted on 16 Feb at 5 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Property,

Medical clinics across the country have been selected by Immigration New Zealand to conduct immigration medical examinations. An onshore panel physician network will use the eMedical system which allows doctors to submit x-rays and medical certificate online. The system has been developed by the immigration departments of Canada and Australia and is now in use in more than 120 countries.

According to Stephan Dunstan, General Manager at INZ, the eMedical system will mean an end to all onshore paper medical certificates. He added that the system will now be more efficient and more secure.

The physician network is due to be fully established by the end of March. After this date those applying for a New Zealand visa will be required to pay a visit to a listed radiologist or doctor for their examination.

Paper based medicals will still be accepted from non-registered clinics until the end of June. This will give them time to make adjustments to their business models.

Mr Dunstan explained that clinics had been chosen in main centres as well as regions popular with migrants. He added that in order to provide the best possible service the location of clinics related to the scheme would be under constant review.

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