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Mancunians most likely to choose new life in New Zealand

Posted on 4 Feb at 7 AM Tags: Property, Living In New Zealand,

A top emigration advisory firm has revealed that Mancunians are the most likely to choose to emigrate from the UK to New Zealand. The Emigration Group, a consultancy that helps UK citizens move abroad, said that over the last six months it had received around 3,000 inquires about relocating to New Zealand, 300 of which had come from people in Manchester.

Paul Arthur, director of The Emigration Group, explained that Manchester has always been a city from which there has been a lot of interest in making a new life in another country. He added that the strong New Zealand economy was just one of the factors that made the country attractive to those considering emigrating.

Although Australia continues to top the ranking of countries around the globe that UK citizens are interested in moving to, Arthur said New Zealand was continuing to grow in popularity.

As well as Manchester, there has been an increase in interest in moving Down Under from other towns and cities in the northwest, according to the group.

As well as the strength of the New Zealand economy, migrants from the UK are attracted by the promise of better weather, better education for their children, and a better overall standard of living.

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