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NZ Prime Minister calls for flag change

Posted on 18 Dec at 5 AM Tags: Property,

New Zealand’s prime minister has spoken out again about revamping the country’s flag. John Key was speaking in Queenstown where he explained that the flag in use at the moment is not New Zealand’s first flag but its third.

He added that the flag was also always being confused with the one used by neighbouring Australia. Both feature the Southern Cross and Union Jack.

Key has long been calling for a change. He would like to see the current design replaced with the silver fern. Opponents to change claim the flag should remain as it is as it was the one that the country’s soldiers died under. However, the prime minister pointed out that it is the silver fern that marks their graves and not the flag.

Many nations change their flags, according to Key, something that marks who they are and builds national patriotism. The prime minister went on to support his argument be pointing out that if a New Zealander wants to look like a kiwi he doesn’t go out with a t-shirt with the national flag on it.

Key wants a flag that undeniably says New Zealand without anyone having to explain it and without the national anthem playing in the background.

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