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BBC series shows what it?s like to move Down Under

Posted on 3 Oct at 8 AM Tags: Property, Moving To New Zealand,

Brits considering making the move to New Zealand or Australia can now find out what life will be like through the BBC’s reality show Wanted Down Under. The programme follows real people who have decided to leave the UK and make a fresh start in the Antipodes.

Families are shown dealing with issues such as finding a place to live, organising their finances and coping with red tape. New Zealand and Australia are attractive destination for Brits looking to move away from the UK because of the similar cultures.

Both countries are also relatively politically and economically stable. Other attractions include the good weather and stunning scenery.

Although around a third of all Brits who move Down Under return to the UK every year, most manage to adapt to their new homes easily. The BBC series aims to inform those thinking about making the move across the big pond about the pros and cons of a new life on the other side of the world.

The popular programme is about to start production of its ninth series and producers are now looking for people planning to move Down Under to get involved. According to the Wanted Down Under webpage the programme makers want to hear from people seriously considering the move.

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