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Kiwi immigration advisor guide introduced

Posted on 5 Sep at 7 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Currency Exchange, Immigration, Property,

New Zealand is producing a guide for those looking to make a new home in the country. The booklet focuses on the importance of would-be immigrants contacting a licensed immigration advisor following reports of fraud by companies that do not have official approval.

The Guide to Licensed Immigration Advisors will be printed in a number of languages, according to the New Zealand immigration authorities. It is hoped that by doing this migrants will be better protected against the pitfalls of using an unlicensed service.

The media has reported a number of scams in recent months involving migrants handing over cash to illegal firms and seeing their money disappear without a trace. The Immigration Advisors Authority, the compiler of the guide, says that only licensed or fully registered immigration advisers should ever be used by those looking to settle in New Zealand.

The new guide also gives advice on Kiwi visa entry requirements and explains what is required for a visa advisor to be issued with the correct qualifications.

An IAA representative advised all potential migrants to New Zealand to carefully read the booklet before seeking out an immigration advisor. He stressed the importance of getting the best advice both at home and after arriving in New Zealand.

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