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New Zealand flag could lose the Union Jack

Posted on 17 Mar at 8 AM Tags: Property,

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has said that if he is re-elected he will introduce a referendum on altering the design of the country’s flag. The elections have been slated for September, and Key said decisions would need to be made as to how New Zealand presents itself to the world after 2015.

The Kiwi flag is currently features the Union Jack. The Prime Minister believes that this is no longer representative of how New Zealanders see themselves. Key added that if a change is made it will not represent a move away from a constitutional monarchy - something he believes is still beneficial for the country.

Across the Tasman there has been opposition to making changes to the Australian flag as many Australian servicemen and women fought and died under the ensign. The argument is the same in New Zealand, but Key has suggested that the Gallipoli centenary would be the right time to consider a change.

Key is proposing the establishment of a cross-party group to consider the notion. He also said that if the referendum resulted in majority support for the current flag then it would remain.

His preference is for the silver fern design, although he said other suggestions would of course be considered.

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