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Immigration spokesman attacks Immigration over jobs

Posted on 22 Jan at 8 AM Tags: Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property,

Labour’s spokesperson for immigration has criticised Immigration New Zealand for the way it treats skilled workers recruited from overseas. Dr Rajen Prasad is concerned that foreign skilled employees are getting a short shrift from the immigration department.

He said that the Employers and Manufacturer Association had published an Employment Survey for the end of the year that indicated a gap between the need for skilled staff by employers and the country’s immigration system. He added that he understood the frustration of employers who had taken the time and effort to bring workers in and train them only to have to see them go home again after a relatively short period of time.

Dr Prasad went on to say the immigration system needs to be better at determining where particular skills shortages exist and providing the permits to employers to make it easier for them to recruit from abroad.

According to the EMA survey, 60 per cent of employers admitted they were finding it difficult to attract the right workers and 55 per cent said there was likely to be a skills shortage in the industry.

Dr Prasad said the Minister for Immigration needed to address the situation immediately and officials need to understand better the issues being faced by New Zealand’s employers.

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