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UK expats attracted by NZ economic boom

Posted on 10 Dec at 8 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property, Moving To New Zealand,

New Zealand has always been an attractive option for Brits looking to start a new life overseas. The cultural and historic similarities make it relatively easy for those coming from the UK to make the transition. However, now there is even more of an economic pull as the country is actively trying to encourage UK expats to move over and fill jobs.

In a recent survey, New Zealand was rated fifth in the world in terms of annual economic growth. The current economic boom means there is a growing skilled worker shortage and Brits are in a perfect position to fill the vacancies.

Director of The Immigration Group, Paul Arthur, said over the last year New Zealand has experienced unprecedented growth and that there is a strong demand for British workers with skills in sectors including the utilities, construction and retail.

The annual World Economic Outlook, conducted by the International Monetary Fund, forecasts 2.5 per cent growth this year in New Zealand and has predicted that this will rise to 2.9 per cent next year. The 2013 average for other advanced economies was growth of just 1.2 per cent.

According to Arthur, now is the time for Brits to consider moving to New Zealand as it is easier to find work and to qualify for a visa.

The NZD exchange rates on 10/12/2013 were as follows: GBP NZD = 1.9807, EUR NZD = 1.6567, USD NZD = 1.2036, AUD NZD = 1.1008, CHF NZD = 1.3566, INR NZD = 0.0197, AED NZD = 0.328, MXN NZD = 0.0937, CAD NZD = 1.1348, ZAR NZD = 0.1162, RUB NZD = 0.0368, . See today's New Zealand Dollar Exchange Rate
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