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Joint visa proposed for 2015 Cricket World Cup

Posted on 2 Dec at 9 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Law, Property, New Zealand Travel,

Immigration officials in New Zealand and Australia are pushing for a joint visa to both countries to be issued to visitors flying in for the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

Ken Morrison, from the Australian Tourism and Transport Forum, believes that cricket fans will benefit from easier travel between the neighbouring countries.

The 2015 CWC is to be hosted by both New Zealand and Australia and a single visa would be introduced especially for the event. Tourism bosses believe that some cricket fans might be put off attending games on both sides of the Tasman under current visa laws.

At the moment, visitors to either Australia or New Zealand are required to apply for separate visas if they intend to travel to both countries. The proposals being discussed by immigration officials include simpler processing of visas when tickets to the World Cup are purchased.

The joint visa policy is particularly aimed at Indian visitors entering both countries for the sporting event. The new visa would make it cheaper for travelers coming from all corners of the globe.

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