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New Zealanders enjoy more international access

Posted on 21 Oct at 9 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Property, New Zealand Travel,

New Zealand has managed to grab joint fifth place in a list of countries that have the most visa-free travel access. Kiwi passport holders are allowed to enter 168 countries around the globe without first having to obtain an entry visa. New Zealand came behind countries including the UK and USA as well as a number of EU nations.

In fact the US was the only non-European country to make it into the top-ten. New Zealand tied for fifth place with Switzerland and Austria. In first place with visa-free access to a total of 173 countries were the UK, Sweden and Finland. Second place with access to 172 countries were the US, Luxembourg, Germany and Denmark.

The list has been compiled by Henley & Partners in their annual Visa Restrictions Index. At the bottom of the table came citizens from Arab and Muslim nations. Citizens from Afghanistan and Pakistan are only given visa free access to a total of 28 countries.

The report points out that the level of freedom to travel around the globe is usually linked to the average wealth of a citizen’s home nation. It is also an indication of a country’s standing in the international community.

Immigration New Zealand’s Michael Carley said special agreements between New Zealand and other nations meant Kiwis enjoyed more international freedom than many other countries.

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