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Kiwi immigrants should be welcomed to Britain

Posted on 10 Sep at 9 AM Tags: Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property, Living In New Zealand,

Immigrants from Commonwealth countries such as New Zealand and Australia should be welcomed to the UK in the same way as visitors from other European countries according to London Mayor Boris Johnson. The request for a change to the immigration rules has been welcomed by New Zealanders already in the UK.

Editor of popular London-based publication aimed at Kiwi and Australians TNT, Carol Driver, said it is important that New Zealanders prepared to work hard and contribute to the British economy are made to feel welcome.

She added it was ludicrous that citizens from other parts of the European Union are allowed to walk in freely and take jobs and benefits where there are rules that penalise migrants coming in from the countries of the British Commonwealth.

A spokesman for the Home Office said links between Britain and the Commonwealth were valued and efforts are being made to improve the immigration system and attract the brightest and best to come and live and work in the UK.

Immigrants living in New Zealand who have come from Britain are also joining the debate. Many claim it is just as difficult to settle in New Zealand because the rules are being tightened and incorrect advice is often given.

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