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Kiwis strike better balance between work and life

Posted on 22 Jul at 9 AM Tags: Working in New Zealand, Property,

A recent survey shows that workers in New Zealand strike a better balance between work and life than those in most other countries. The work-life index study conducted by Regus gave New Zealand 127 point meaning the country is seven points ahead of the average and is ahead of countries including Germany, the USA and Australia.

The study looked at 26,000 professionals from around the globe, and found that around 80 per cent of Kiwis felt this year they had been more productive at work with just 44 per cent admitting that this meant spending more time at the office.

Of those surveyed 74 per cent said they felt happy with the amount of time they were getting to spend with their families and just under 70 per cent said work was more enjoyable for them this year.

John Henderson, Regus Asia-Pacific director, said many businesses needed to strike a better work-life balance. He explained that workers become increasingly unproductive if they are overworked and tired or forget that they do have a life away from the office.

Bev Cassidy-Mackenzie, chief executive of the Equal Opportunities Trust, said better use of technology meant that employees, especially parents, could now split their time more productively between home and work.

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