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US retiree in New Zealand calls for immigration rule changes

Posted on 6 May at 9 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Property, Moving To New Zealand,

New Zealand’s parliament has been presented with a petition organised by an American expat asking for changes to be made to the immigration system. Henry Work moved to the country five years ago on a business visa and is now calling on the immigration authorities to make it easier for financially independent retirees to make a permanent move to New Zealand.

The petition has been taken up by Nick Smith, a local MP, who feels New Zealand could benefit from attracting more well off pensioners. Henry has said his proposals will not cost New Zealand a penny as all those permitted a new visa would self-support everything from benefits to health care costs.

Henry explained that the new system would financially benefit the government and local businesses. Any unexpected costs would be covered by a bond paid by pensioners on arrival to a trust run by the government.

Henry hopes that eventually foreign retirees would be granted civil rights such as the ability to purchase medical insurance and go to the polls on election-day.

He said he hoped that permanent residency and citizenship would also become an option, although he added that such rights could not be granted to those in poor health or with a criminal record.

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