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New Zealand exodus continues despite fewer Australian jobs

Posted on 21 Jan at 9 AM Tags: Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property,

Despite predictions the flow of job seekers from New Zealand to Australia would start to slow there still seems to be strong demand with recruiters from those seeking a better life across the Tasman. However, agencies say that Kiwi’s looking to make the move are now doing more research before emigrating and are less likely to do so without having a position lined up.

Since the end of 2010 the number of job opportunities in Australia has been steadily falling. Professor Paul Spoonley, a sociologist at Massey University, said despite a drop in the number of job vacancies in popular destinations such as Brisbane and Sydney, a record 53,800 Kiwis made the move from New Zealand to Australia last year.

Professor Spoonley explained that a predicted rise in the number of opportunities at home has not materialised and Australia has remained a popular destination for those looking to migrate for work.

Michelle Batchelor, team leader at Kinetic recruitment agency, agreed that there is still a steady movement of New Zealanders across the Tasman although job seekers appear to be showing more caution. She explained that there was a realisation that as jobs become scarcer it is important to keep options open as employers can afford to be choosier.

Momentum recruitment agency’s Bede Ashby said that with a population of 21 million Australia still offers plenty of opportunity for those looking for work.

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