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Less than half of New Zealanders make New Year resolutions

Posted on 31 Dec at 9 AM Tags: Working in New Zealand, Property, Living In New Zealand, Working Holiday,

A recent survey of New Zealanders has revealed that goals for 2013 include getting onto the housing ladder, becoming healthier and moving abroad. The study by Colmar Brunton Research suggests that women are the most likely to want to be more health conscious next year, those living in Christchurch would like less stress in their lives and Aucklanders are looking to move into a new home.

However, Jacqueline Ireland, Colmar Brunton’s chief executive, said although many Kiwis appeared to be setting themselves some ambitious targets for next year, less than half of New Zealanders said they intend to make a New Year’s resolution.

She added that the goals depended on factors including age, gender and location. Men are keener to find work overseas, get promoted or buy a new home. Women are more intent on improving their health by eating a better diet, losing weight and getting more exercise, researchers found.

The most ambitious group are those between the ages of 18 and 29. Buying a house, getting married, securing a promotion and moving overseas were top of the wish list although the age group was least concerned with taking more holidays.

According to the study only 44 per cent of Kiwis made a New Year’s resolution last year, and of those a third said they had managed to stick to them with the remaining two thirds admitting they had sort of achieved them.

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