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Middle class Chinese moving to Australia and New Zealand

Posted on 24 Dec at 9 AM Tags: Working in New Zealand, Property,

More of China’s middle class skilled workers appear to be heading to countries like New Zealand and Australia in search of a better life. The 2012 International Migration Report explains that people are leaving mainland China in search of a cleaner environment, a more democratic society and better education opportunities.

Around 150,000 Chinese applied for citizenship of another country last year, more than any other. More than 87,000 chose to move to the US with 30,000 moving to both Canada and Australia and 6,000 settling in New Zealand.

The report claims that there has been a rise in the number of middle class Chinese moving abroad as well as an increase in the rich and well educated. More than 6,000 migrants were permitted to settle in another country because of the investment they were prepared to make in their new home.

According to a separate report by the China Merchants Bank last year around 80 per cent of adults deciding to leave the country are doing so because they want better education for their children.

Because China has a large talent pool it is unlikely that the increase in the number of people leaving China will cause a brain drain.

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