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New Zealand Immigration Minister outlines new policy

Posted on 3 Sep at 6 PM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Currency Exchange, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Property,

Minister of Immigration Nathan Guy, in his speech given 31 August, laid out in detail the country’s immigration policies.

The speech, given to the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment, emphasised that New Zealand welcomed temporary workers, immigrants and students and stressed the importance of correctly managed immigration to the country’s economy. Education in particular was mentioned as a means of bringing in huge revenues.

Guy stressed that skilled immigrants would be making a huge contribution to the rebuilding of Christchurch, adding that the project was the largest single undertaking in the country’s history. He went on to state that he has put in motion schemes to cope with the expected mass arrivals of asylum seekers and refugees.

He noted that recent relaxations to immigration procedures involving the right to work part time for overseas students would help reestablish the Christchurch education industry and said that applications for parents of existing visa-holders with funds or high-income sponsors will be fast-tracked in future. He added that skilled workers considering emigrating to New Zealand will be encouraged, as their participation will in turn encourage economic growth.

Guy praised the Investor Management Scheme, saying it had encouraged immigration by business owners and brought potential and actual investment in to the tune of NZ$ one billion. The new Immigration Global Management system, he reported, will make the process easier and faster for the right people and will contain fewer visa categories.

He told listeners that the government had cracked down on a visa fraud scam operating from China, and was moving to deal with an influx of boat people claiming refugee status. Although no boat people have yet reached the islands, the minister compared the situation with a boat which reached Canada in 2010, saying that boat people could certainly reach New Zealand if they tried.
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