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Online facility upgrades for overseas work migrants to NZ

Posted on 27 Aug at 6 PM Tags: Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property,

Immigration New Zealand has upgraded its website with two new tools aimed at making job searching in New Zealand easier for skilled overseas applicants.

The new online tools are the New Zealand Now website and the Skill-Finder tool, aimed also at making it easier for prospective employers to find the skilled workers they need. For several years, the INZ website has give out key information to potential migrants hoping to live and work in the country.

INZ’s General Manager for Settlement, Protection and Attraction, Stephen Dunstan, noted the redevelopments had made the site more user-friendly and would have the ability to target messages to enquirers across the world. The messages, he said, would be specifically aimed and will promote NZ’s opportunities more effectively.

The website’s hits have increased by 60 per cent over the last several months, with improvements to the process of registration seeing applicants increase by a massive 500 per cent during the same timeframe. According to Dunstan, the new Skill Finder tool will help employers connect with interested potential migrant in their sector.

The tool will allow employers to search INZ’s database of registered skilled migrants, and will give an accurate picture of those who may be suitable employees. Dunston admitted a move to a new country is a big step and hopes the changes to the website will encourage and help those considering a move.
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