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Aussie companies headhunt of Kiwi workers gathers pace

Posted on 24 Aug at 6 PM Tags: Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property, New Zealand Travel,

The recent trend amongst Australian firms of recruiting new staff from across the ditch in New Zealand is hotting up, with NZ high-achievers being head-hunted even before they leave university.

According to James Hairsine, careers centre director at the University of Auckland, the result may be a brain-drain of New Zealand’s brightest and best graduates. Five years ago, he said, even top students were rejected by Aussie companies as they weren’t globally prepared, but nowadays 70 to 80 per cent of the university’s best and brightest are being aggressively approached by the same companies.

High starting salaries, travel packages and cars are being offered to NZ graduates for their presentation, well-rounded education and work ethic, and closer alliances between OZ and Kiwi trade and professional associations are expected to make emigration to Australia much easier. Finance, technology and communications are the most sought after careers, and overseas recruitment by OZ companies has doubled since 2005.

Mr Harsine is urging New Zealand’s employers to gear up their offering to talented graduates by providing internships, graduate schemes, global job exchanges and quality recruitment programmes. If this doesn’t happen he says, NZ firms will be last in the queue for the best new employees.

According to the NZ Herald. Oz Jobs Expo head Jason Clayton is unsurprised by the leap in demandsaying that if Oz’s economy continues to expanding, there will be better career options there than in New Zealand. A recent survey amongst New Zealand undergraduates found that at least 40 per cent were interested in finding an overseas job.
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