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Majority of recent NZ migrants pleased with new life

Posted on 10 Aug at 6 PM Tags: Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property, Living In New Zealand,

The results of a recent survey reveal that most new arrivals in New Zealand are happy with their new lives, although few have made Kiwi friends.

The Immigrant Settlement Monitoring Programme Migrant’s Survey 2011 from the New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment was released on Friday. Results show that 55 per cent of recent migrants to the country had only one or no Kiwi friends as yet.

The survey noted that 22 per cent of respondents had not yet formed social connections with any New Zealanders, although 42 per cent said they had. Migrants who were unlikely to get to know Kiwis were mainly from Southeast and North Asia, and were largely very pleased with their lives, and American, Irish and UK migrants were most likely to hang out with new friends in their new country.

One of the top reasons for migration was to be with a Kiwi partner, friends or family already resident in NZ. Other main incentives were the laid-back life and the attractive environment, with new arrivals saying the clean green environment was better than they had expected.

The relatively crime-free cities were another reason, although respondents stated dissatisfaction with the cost of living, salaries and the quality of NZ housing. Even so, 70 per cent of those polled said they’d be happy to stay permanently and 89 per cent added they would recommend the country to family and friends.

According to the head of Labour and Immigration Research, Vasantha Krishnan, 70 per cent of the recent migrants were in work already, adding that the high percentage was a positive sign of integration by new arrivals into the NZ labour force. The annual survey takes place in order to improve government understanding of the problems of settlement and the labour market.
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