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New Zealand student visa fraud discovered via random sampling

Posted on 13 Jul at 6 PM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Currency Exchange, Immigration, Property, Living In New Zealand,

The random sampling of applications for student visas lodged at Immigration New Zealand’s Beijing branch has uncovered a student visa fraud.

Head of NZ Immigration Steve Stuart told reporters that the fraud involved falsified bank statements and fake qualifications. He added that as many as 279 student visa applications had contained fraudulent information and that 231 people admitted as a consequence of the fraud were now living in New Zealand.

Of the remaining 48 people, he said, some have yet to arrive and will be stopped from entering the country, and some have already returned to their country of origin. Stuart confirmed that 50 of the fraudulent arrivees were liable for deportation as their visas have expired and the remainder are on valid visas but may be deported if their circumstances are not as described.

An investigation into the fraud is underway, and is likely to continue for several weeks. According to NZ Immigration, each case will be judged according to its merits, with those implicated being deported and those on valid visas at risk of being served Deportation Liability notices.

Those who believe they may have been affected are urged to call the Immigration department to discuss their circumstances. They should note that those who leave the country voluntarily will be allowed to come back, whilst those who are deported are banned from entering the country for a full five years.
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