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Single Mum and two children face deportation from NZ

Posted on 29 Jun at 6 PM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property,

A South African mother and her two children face being deported from New Zealand if she cannot find a job.

According to a report in The Press online, Cherie Vermaak had been employed legally by Christchurch City Council for four years, but was sacked last March after her work visa extension application was refused. On 23 May she was informed her application would be reconsidered if she found a new position within six weeks.

Earlier this week, Immigration NZ’s Christchurch manager, Michael Carley, informed The Press that Ms Vermaak had until Wednesday to find a job, after which she and her children would be deported. When The Press informed Ms Vermaak, she was devastated, as Immigration had not contacted her, saying that she and her children’s lives were here and they had nowhere to go.

Cherie added she had received several job offers, none of which met tough immigration criteria. Mike Bell a settlement agent working for NZ Immigration, told reporters he was convinced she was worth making an exception for, adding she was highly skilled and a good worker.

Cherie is determined to keep trying, insisting she will not give up hope for her children’s sake as well as her own, adding she has 16 job applications still pending. Immigration regulations for employers are making it difficult for skilled migrants to change jobs as the requirements are stringent and time-consuming.
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