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Australian political party looks to ban New Zealand immigrants

Posted on 22 Jun at 6 PM Tags: Immigration, Property,

The recently formed political party calling itself the Stable Population Party is urging severe restrictions of the number of New Zealand migrants now arriving in Oz.

A report published in the Herald Sun newspaper claims the new party is urging the abolition of the agreement giving free access to the country for all Kiwis. Clifford Hayes, the party’s candidate for a seat in the Victoria senate, maintains a close relationship between the two countries should not need to rely on an open immigration policy.

Hayes stated more than 50,000 migrants from New Zealand had arrived in Australia during 2011, adding that Kiwis should be forced to undergo the normal immigration procedures and that the move would decrease net immigration to 80,000 from 180,000. The Bureau of Statistics data for 2011 reveals an overall population growth of 1.4 per cent.

According to the statistical report, the population of the state of Victoria grew at a far greater rate than in the rest of the country, with an increase of around 75,000 bringing the total number of inhabitants to 5.6 million. Victoria’s total was boosted by those moving to the state from elsewhere in the country, an increased birth rate and soaring immigration.
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