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Immigration case of Chinese businessman highly suspicious

Posted on 4 Jun at 6 PM Tags: Immigration, Property,

A New Zealand High Court judge has announced that the immigration case of a millionaire businessman from China, who has become the focus of a recent political scandal, is "highly suspicious''. However, there is not sufficient evidence to convict him, said the judge.

Last week, William Yan – who also goes by the aliases Yong Ming Yan and Yang Liu - was declared not guilty of four charges connected to false information on immigration papers from 2001 and 2002, as well as one incident of using fake written statements to obtain New Zealand citizenship.

Yan's attorneys said he was a rich Chinese businessman and hired other people to carry out his immigration process and fill out the forms.

Today, Justice Timothy Brewer announced explanations for his verdicts. In the finding, Justice Brewer wrote that Yan had two passports holding different names with conflicting birth dates. Yan used both of these passports to enter the US and Australia, said the judge.
Justice Brewer said that overall, it was a “highly suspicious” situation, since Yan had not revealed that he was holding two identities.

However, more is required to go from “highly suspicious” and arrive at “proof beyond reasonable doubt of dishonest intention”, said the judge. With the absence of solid proof that the accused was aware of the falseness of the information, there needs to be evidence of deceitful intention in exploiting the Liu Yang identity, he added.
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