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NZ judge rejects call to throw out Chinese businessman immigration case

Posted on 21 May at 9 AM Tags: Immigration, Property,

A High Court Judge in New Zealand as rejected a call the dismiss charges against a Chinese businessman who is accused of lying on his immigration forms in order to gain citizenship. William Yan, otherwise known as Yong Ming Yan or Yang Liu, is suspected of using false written statements and making false declarations on his documents, mainly relating to the use of two names.

He was granted citizenship under the name Yang Liu in 2008 but changed his name to William Yan two days later. He says he is innocent of the charges and only changed his name to avoid prosecution in China for being pro-democracy.

The citizenship was granted despite a warning from the New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs that said the wealthy businessman did not meet the good character requirements. According to Johannes Gambo, however, Yan knew even then that his request would be granted as he boasted that his politician friends would ensure his needs were met.

Mr Gambo told the court in Auckland that Yan said he was taking members of parliament to China. It was also revealed that his application was approved by MP Shane Jones just a day after the documents were received.

The prosecution says that Yan failed to reveal that he had two passports with different names and dates of birth when he applied for residency. The judge decided against throwing out four of the five charges, however, claiming the prosecution do have enough evidence for the trial to continue.
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