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NZ study examines migrant labour market

Posted on 18 May at 9 AM Tags: Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property,

A new study released by New Zealand’s Department of Labour has revealed the factors that affect the success of migrants in the country’s job market. The research, the results of which will be used to shape future immigration policy, saw more than 5,000 migrants interviewed three years after they gained permanent residency status.

The Longitudinal Immigration Survey: New Zealand, dubbed LisNZ, looked to establish how much migrants contribute to the economy and how well they settle into the job market. According to the Labour and Immigration Research Centre general manager Vasantha Krishnan, the results showed that early experiences have a big effect on migrants’ overall success.

One key finding was that migrants from the Pacific and Skilled immigration categories were the most likely group to keep a job and integrate well into society. Previous work experience in the country was also found to have no long-term affect on employment, despite seeming important to the migrants initially.

Those who spoke English as a first language were generally paid more than those who did not, according to the report. Other factors, such as age, sex, family make-up and qualifications were also examined.
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