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Suspected card skimmers turned away by NZ Immigration

Posted on 2 May at 9 AM Tags: Immigration, Property,

Immigration New Zealand is continuing its crackdown on people entering the country to commit crime, as two more suspected card skimmers were intercepted at Auckland Airport this week. Steve McGill, the head of immigration at the airport, said officials apprehended the men, one Bulgarian and one Romanian, after they raised the suspicion of INZ profiling experts.

The men, who arrived in New Zealand on a flight from Guangzhou, were discovered to have a number of electronic devices in their luggage which they could not explain. According to Mr McGill, the duo also had no valid reason for visiting New Zealand and did not know the whereabouts of any of the attractions they told officials they were planning to visit.

The men were denied entry to New Zealand and sent back to Guangzhou. Their equipment has been taken for further tests and analysis.

The operation, according to Mr McGill, showed the potential good results of collaboration between Immigration New Zealand and INZ. INZ stopped nine suspected card skimmers entering the country from Bulgaria in April.
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