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Labour calls for less foreign film workers

Posted on 1 May at 9 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Law, Jobs in New Zealand, Property,

Labour is calling for New Zealand to do more to promote home grown technical talent within the film industry after a leaked document showed that Weta Digital is applying to bring hundreds of foreign workers into the country. The special effects firm has applied to Immigration New Zealand for visas for 369 skilled workers, such as model producers, animators, camera operators and composite imaging technicians.

Darien Fenton, spokeswoman for the Labour Party, said the document clearly shows that Kiwis are missing out to foreign workers. She added that although many citizens get jobs as extras in big international films, a new labour law for the NZ film industry has failed to protect jobs in the country.

The law, which was negotiated between Warner Bros and the NZ government, automatically makes film workers independent contractors, allowing for easier immigration applications for foreign workers.

Mrs Fenton said the party would like to see to see the creation of home grown talent alongside the country’s successful film industry. She added that any special deals done by the government should ensure Kiwis get jobs first.
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