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Two expats die in drowning misfortunes

Posted on 6 Apr at 6 PM Tags: Working in New Zealand, Property,

Two Scots have died in separate drowning events in Australia and New Zealand.

Tommy McCreaddie, 34, drowned after wading through a river while walking home from work in in Australia, reports the Evening Times.

The pub chef ran into difficulty while wading into the Yarra in Melbourne. Horrified onlookers called for help as Tommy was swept away by the ferocious current. Emergency crews got to the scene but were unable to save Tommy. The expat's family is now attempting to raise £6,000 to have his body returned home.

Tommy's sister, Katie Haggarty, 38, said that they are heartbroken. She added that Tommy always went through the park, and that the river is usually shallow, but there was flooding in Melbourne.

Meanwhile, Scot David Williams also drowned after driving off a New Zealand road and into a reservoir. David, 66, was discovered in his submerged car near Central Otago, where parts of The Lord of the Rings was filmed. He had visited friends, who noticed the vehicle not long after and raised the alarm. Mr Williams was dead by the time the emergency services arrived.

David moved to New Zealand from Glasgow 19 years ago and set up home in Poolburn. He did not have children but had two sisters in Scotland who are likely to fly to New Zealand.
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