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Dotcoms cars to be sold

Posted on 5 Apr at 3 PM Tags: Working in New Zealand, Law, Property,

Cars seized during the January raid against Megaupload creator Kim Dotcom's Auckland home are to be sold.

The proceeds of the sale could raise up to $6 million according to a police estimate, and will be partially used to pay legal costs by Dotcom as he pays for his defense against charges of criminal copyright infringement by the US, reports PC Advisor.

Details of the car sale were disclosed at Auckland High Court, where Crown lawyers working for the Commissioner of Police asked to record foreign restraining orders involving the seizure of Dotcom and three other defendants’ assets in New Zealand.

If the application is fruitful, Dotcom's assets may be held for a maximum of two years. But if the application flops, and no appeal is made, the assets will be given back to Dotcom. Dotcom's lawyer Willie Akel, of Simpson Grierson, proposed that the foreign restraining order was authorised by the incorrect person. It should only have been signed by the Attorney General or a explicitly nominated person.

Crown lawyers debated that the approval was within the law as the Attorney General is allowed, legally, to delegate his duties. They claimed it was fitting for the Attorney General to do this to stop allegations of conflict of interest.
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