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Lingerie thieves caught in New Zealand

Posted on 29 Mar at 6 PM Tags: Currency Exchange, Immigration, Law, Property,

Three light-fingered Spanish women, who stole lingerie worth thousands of dollars from a department store in Dunedin, have been told to leave the country by immigration officials.

The women, all nurses, admitted stealing $1533 of underwear. Police prosecutor Tim Hambleton said 24-year-old Nuria Rutllan Ferrer, 26-year-old Neus Gomez-Ponce and 21-year-old Marta Sole Torres went to the Farmers Trading Company and began to hide items on their persons, reports the Otago Daily Times.

Ferrer and Gomez-Ponce tried to leave the shop without paying, but were prevented by security. The pair later confessed to police they were attempting to steal the underwear, and they had also stolen lingerie from the store the day before.

While Torres escaped, she was later contacted by police and confessed to stealing lingerie. She led police to their car, where more lingerie was found. The value of stolen underwear was $2353, with reparation requested for damaged items which had tags disconnected.

Duty lawyer Jim Large said all three were sorry, and had no justifications. They are "not proud" to go to court and will pay a fine and compensation. The trio were found guilty, fined $450, and told to pay $500 reparation. Immigration New Zealand fraud manager Peter Elms said foreigners convicted of criminal offences in New Zealand could be open for deportation.
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