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New wave of Irish emigration settles in New Zealand

Posted on 28 Mar at 6 PM Tags: Property, Moving To New Zealand,

New Zealand is now one of the countries attracting Irish emigrants who are facing tough times in Ireland.

Of the 40,000 who fled Ireland in 2011, nearly 2,000 call New Zealand home with many more on their way. However, the emigrant generations already in New Zealand have found disparities in the motives of the newcomers for emigrating to the Pacific nation, reports Irish Central.

While Irish people have been moving to New Zealand for a long time, the latest wave is different from its predecessors. Sarah Murray said that this new wave are extremely educated or skilled, don't imagine they’ll stay in New Zealand forever, and aren't concerned with keeping their home culture alive.

Michael Hickey, the Auckland Irish Society vice- president, shared his opinion on the changes between the generations. Hickey emigrated to New Zealand in 1970, and quickly found his place with other Irish ex-pats.

He said that the new wave’s attitude is different. They're not trapped here, and don't have the mindset that they will stay in New Zealand for the next 50 years. They don't think they are putting down roots, so they don't have desires to be on committees. When Hickey’s generation came, they were young and wanted a home.

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