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Hijacker tells court NZ police threatened her

Posted on 14 Mar at 6 PM Tags: Immigration, Law, Property,

A Somali woman who was convicted of attempting to hijack a plane flying from Blenheim to Christchurch six years ago accuses police of threatening she would be extradited to the United States and killed if she did not admit the crime.

Asha Ali Abdille was sentenced to nine years in prison last year with no-parole for of six years for attempting to hijack the plane on February 8, 2008, reports the NZ Herald.

She had been in custody for two and a half years when sentenced, and said to the Court of Appeal, with the help of an interpreter, that she pleaded guilty following police pressure. She said that she was told that if she did not admit to the hijacking, she would be taken to America and executed. She added that she did not hijack the plane, and that the police told her to say that she did.

Abdille represented herself after dismissing her trial lawyer Elizabeth Bulger, also claimed there is a conspiracy involving Immigration and the police. She added that she moved to New Zealand in 1994 trusting that the Government would help her.

Abdille added that politics were involved and that the Government wanted her people to be mistresses to white men.
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