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US files extradition papers for Dotcom

Posted on 8 Mar at 9 AM Tags: Currency Exchange, Property,

The US government has filed a formal request for Megaupload's founder to be extradited from New Zealand.

Prosecutors had 45 days to make the request following Kim Dotcom's capture in January. The papers also ask for three other members of Megaupload's staff to be extradited, reports the BBC.

The men are charged with making it easy for internet users to illegally download material that is copyrighted through their file-sharing site. Dotcom and their conspirators deny criminal misconduct.

New Zealand court officials claim the papers were handed in on Friday. A hearing about the extradition will happen 20 August. The US claims Megaupload and his staff are guilty of racketeering, copyright infringement, wire fraud and money laundering amongst other charges. Prosecutors claim that the website led copyright holders to lose over $500m. However, Mr Dotcom has labelled the scale of the assertion as "nonsense”, saying he’s not a piracy king, and that he just provided online storage and bandwidth.

German national Dotcom was granted bail despite the US claiming he is extreme flight risk. However, a judge decided that as he had to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet and because his assets have been seized means the risk has been reduced.
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