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Norwegian sailor told equipment found

Posted on 21 Feb at 6 PM Tags: Immigration, Property,

Polar officials revealed the gear of a Norwegian sailor was in storage at the Scott Base of New Zealand, before he began a voyage to Antarctica to retrieve it, says base manager Iain Miller.

The gear was included in a depository by crew from a Berserk, a Norwegian yacht that sank a year ago when it entered a storm in McMurdo Sound and three men disappeared, reveals

Jarle Andhoy, 34, who claims to be a Norwegian Viking and who owned the Beserk is sailing Nilaya, a 16-metre steel yacht, south after Immigration New Zealand forced him to leave Auckland a month ago while he was preparing his illegal polar expedition.

While he has not been given permission to enter Antarctica, he wants to find the depot of mooring equipment, anchor ice and other aids so the crew could use certain bays as refuges in case of trouble.

Miller revealed he did not leave equipment on the ice shelf near Scott Base as it would have been buried or would have blown away during the Antarctic winter. He claimed instead to have left Andhoy's gear at Scott Base to avoid being an environmental nuisance. He was told that if it was not picked up by January 31 it would be moved to Christchurch.
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