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Foreign student schools in trouble

Posted on 20 Feb at 6 PM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Property,

There are growing problems at many schools that are chasing the foreign student market, reveals a series of reports.

Five schools are in hot water with authorities for a variety of offences including student cheating, immigration breaches and reporting dubious qualifications, reveals the New Zealand Herald.

A series of critical reports by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority reveals it has no confidence in four private tertiary-level schools, that mainly have foreign students, due to a history of excessive plagiarism, low course-completion rates and poor attendance.

It also claims it is difficult to believe the reported pass rates at the St George Institute of Learning, particularly due to the fact it awarded a Diploma of Management to 10 Korean students whose poor English meant they should not have been accepted. NZQA has also obstructed new enrolments at Ellipse Institute due to concerns that results may be falsified and claims it doubts the validity of scores from Tasman International Academies due to its history of suspect marking.

It has banned all registrations in tertiary-level courses at Victoria Institute, whose results are yet been published. Immigration New Zealand has also impeded all student visas for Ellipse and has ended the issuing of visas for some courses at Victoria and Tasman.
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