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Checks on Kiwis still not happening in Queensland

Posted on 16 Feb at 6 PM Tags: Currency Exchange, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Law, Property,

Police in Queensland are still waiting to start their six-month trail of having access to the criminal history database of New Zealand.

Neil Roberts, the Police Minister, suggested the delay has been caused by problems in software as well as legal agreements not being finalised between Australia and New Zealand. He said that he is not sure when the issue will be resolved, reports the website

The Trans-Tasman agreement started when a New Zealander fraudster emigrated to Australia and then reoffended. Mr Roberts said that work is happening to evaluate the practicalities, possibilities and issues around the implementation. He added that until a detailed analysis is completed and the applicable agreements are put in place between both countries, the current agency direct processes to gain criminal history records of New Zealanders for people who work with children and the weak will continue.

Mr Roberts added that the checks will happen through CrimTrac, a system which shares data between Australia's police, national security agencies and law enforcement. When this arrangement is in place, police in Queensland will check electronically the criminal history of any Kiwi working in the state.

Mr Roberts concluded by saying that the Government is dedicated to closing the loophole, especially due to the relatively free movement of people between Australia and NZ and the reliance on information delivered on immigration cards by people entering Australia from NZ.
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